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Birkdale Animal Kids Triathlon Race 4


Birkdale Animal Kids Triathlon Series Race 4



Race #1 Saturday, April 10, 2010 6pm
Race #2 Saturday, May 15, 20010 6pm
Race #3 Saturday, June 6, 2010 6pm
Race #4 Saturday, July 17, 2010 6pm Final race day championship and festival!


Huntersville Family Fitness and Aquatics - Huntersville, NC


Distances vary based on age.

Course Description:


4-6 year old 25 yd swim (start on the opposite end of the pool), 7-8 year old 50 yd swim, 9-10 year old 75 yd swim, 11-12 year old 100 yd swim, and new this year 13-14 year old 200 yd swim

Each participant has one lane and swims their desired distance in that lane only. If the heat is over 18 kids then swimmers may share a lane but they still swim their desired distance in one side of the lane .The swim finishes on the water park side of the pool. Shoes and shirt and/or number should be left on the water park side of the pool. Parents are to stay on the opposite side of the pool for viewing. Volunteers will help the kids exit the pool and prepare for the bike as needed. Feel free to sign up to volunteer if you wish to help ALL of the children in the race. Any child can use a kick board to assist them in the swim.

Transition 1:

The participants climb out of the pool and put their shoes and number on. Volunteers are in place to help children in need. The participants exit the pool via the water park and run along the flags and across the road to the dirt path leading to the Huntersville park soccer field. As you reach the path chalk boxes are drawn out along the path on the right and left and the bicycles are stationed there. Your bike will be stationed be age group


4-6 year 0.3 mile bike, 7-8 year old 1 mile bike, 9-10 year old 1 mile bike 11-12 year old 2 mile bike and new this year 13-14 year old 2 mile bike

The bike course goes counter clockwise around the paved path. For the 11-14 year olds we will go along one side of Verhoeff Rd. for the 1 mile stretch around cones and back to the bike pick up and drop off area.

Transition 2:

Return your bike to the designated drop off spot according to age group and run to the soccer field. Enter the run course where the finish shoot is set up and proceed counter clockwise around the cones along on the grass inside the field.


4-6 year 100yd run, 7-8 year old 0.3 mile run, 9-10 year old 0.3 mile run 11-12 year old 0.5 mile run and new this year 13-14 year old 0.5 mile run

Birkdale Animal Hospital Kids Fun Run:

Kids ages 1-6 can participate in the fun run. The fun run starts on the corner of the field and runs through the actual finish line. The fun run is not chip timed.

Event Dates.

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Huntersville Family Fitness and Aquatics , Huntersville, NC

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